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Introducing the Sand Box 

by Zack Calhoon 

Saundra (Sandy) Yaklin is a freelance set designer/fabricator living in Queens. In December 2013, she opened The Sand Box, a rehearsal and shop space in Long Island City. In late spring 2014, she will be launching "The Shared Independent Theatre List" (a.k.a. the Sh.I.T. List), a website for recycling set pieces and other theatre goods funded by the LIT Fund. Current theatrical projects include Richard 3 (Queens Players, set design), Dark Water (MT Works, technical direction), The Family Play (Collaboration Town, technical direction/set consultant) and The Understudy (Secret Theatre, set design). Recent projects include the 2013 Gotham Awards (IFP, set management and fabrication), Frankenstein Upstairs (Gideon Productions, set design), You Will Make a Difference (AliveWire Theatrics, set design) and Sovereign (Gideon Productions, set design). Zack Calhoon interviewed Yaklin about her many endeavors.

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Spotlight On: Full Frontal & Eddie Antar 

by Doug Strassler 

In 2011, Eddie Antar’s play The Navigator, a Workshop Theatre Company production, received IT nominations for Outstanding Production of a Play, Outstanding Original Full-Length Script (for playwright Eddie Antar), Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role (for Nicole Taylor), Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role (for Kelly Anne Burns), Outstanding Set Design (for Duane Pagano) and took home awards for Outstanding Direction (Leslie Kincaid Burby) and Outstanding Lighting Design (Duane Pagano). Now, Antar has written Full Frontal: A Naked Exploration of Sex and Sexuality. Doug Strassler discussed this provocative work with the playwright.

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TDF: Supporting Theatre On Broadway & Off 

by Helene Montagna 

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear TDF? Most likely discounted Broadway tickets for members. TDF is dedicated to supporting live theatre in all of New York City, from Manhattan to Staten Island. Two of the ways TDF dedicates to helping theatres beyond the Great White Way are through a video project called “Meet The Theatre” and through a discounted ticketing program called “Off-Off @ $9.”

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An OOB Valentine's Day Story 

by Bill McMahon 

When asked to write about a couple who met while working in an OOB show together, I immediately thought of my friends, Karen Sternberg and David Ian Lee.  We’ve all been close friends for several years now, and I knew the story of their courtship and eventual marriage had some interesting twists and turns – a three-act structure, if you will, for those of you who have rea...  

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How are they Chosen? The IT Awards Judging Process 

We get asked that a lot. So, we produced a fun 5-minute video to explain how the process works. It features many of the OOB artists we all know and love. We hope it helps answer some of the questions that you might have. Check it out on YouTube. You can also check out the powerpoint presentation of the process.

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